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I have so many anchors bound to my feet.
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I can honestly say I can’t wait for this year to be over. It has been such a shit year, apart from the few upsides; I’ve lost so many friends and have been backstabbed and fucked over so much this year. The only people that have stuck by me were the people I least expected to, not even my best friend stuck by me through it all. Which I thought was pretty slack, since I was there through everything that she went through. Anyway, I’m going to be overseas in Hungary & Dublin for Christmas and New Years this year, because my brother is getting married; which should be pretty good. Also, I will be seeing BMTH in Vienna and Asking Alexandria in Dublin which I am so syked about. But I won’t be getting back till the 29th of January, which sucks because I start year 11 the next day. But that’s cool. Oh and I’m going to visit my brother in Parramatta today.

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